I'm just going to say it. This is a real-life scene you'd only expect to see in movies or on television shows while your jaw drops open waiting to see what happens.

I can't even with how beyond insane bonkers this video is and the fact that it was caught on video is unbelievable. Even more crazy is that it appears the only damage was to one car and a couple of mailboxes. Hollywood would have included much more damage.

Check these out! If you're like me, you'll watch them several times over in disbelief that this ended the way it did.

Kudos and a standing O to the firefighter driving this fire truck on the icy roads in this neighborhood. I mean the number of things that could have gone wrong with a 60,000-pound out-of-control vehicle is unfathomable.

This happened in the tiny town of Imperial, Missouri, home to around 5, 000 residents. It's thirty minutes south of St. Louis.

According to the St. Louis Riverfront Times, this wild footage is of a Rock Community Fire Protection District fire truck in Jefferson County spinning out of control doing at least two 360s as it spins through this neighborhood.

The first video was taken by a woman named Katelyn Voisy and the second is from a guy named Joe Lawson.

Just watching the fire engine's momentum slow to a graceful stop between two homes without hitting them is also totally insane. I'm sure the firefighters' hearts had stopped briefly as well. I can just picture them looking at each other for a few seconds before finally getting out of their fire truck to assess their surroundings.

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