Card tricks and Rube Goldberg machines are a dime a dozen on YouTube and the rest of the Internet. Someone has finally combined the two.

Eric Starkey, a magician from Pittsburgh, took a bunch of different items sitting around his home and combined them to create a card finding magic trick. He has someone sign the card, he places it in the deck and then lets the machine do the rest. The most amazing part is his hand never touches the deck from the time the signed card goes into the deck until the machine picks out the card.

Of course, the greatest praise in magic doesn't come from some rube who can't figure out how the trick is done like us. It comes from fellow magicians. Starkey got a shout out for his Rube Goldberg trick from Penn Jillette, the louder half of the legendary magic duo Penn & Teller on his podcast

Still, we would just love to know how the trick is done. We know there is a magician's code that prevents him from revealing how he makes the card appear on the nail. What if we promise to wear one of those black face masks?

Don't ask why we have one in the first place.