It's a depressing thought: what would happen to the world if humans disappeared?

The people at Mind Warehouse put together this sobering video about how the world would change if humans were wiped out. There are short-term changes and long-term changes as Earth begins its descent into looking like a post-apocalyptic wilderness where it's every animal for itself while the infrastructure decays and vegetation runs rampant.

Sure, it sounds terrible, but it's not all bad. Traffic jams, paying taxes and hearing about the Kardashians would all fade away like a kite in the wind. Sure, we wouldn't be here to enjoy it all, but at least the world would be rid of these frustrations.

And while radioactivity and animal predators will rise, so will clean air and the chance for renewal. As the video puts it, "Our planet can perfectly do without us, but we can't without her." So, the next time you think about throwing that can of Sprite into the regular trash and not the recycle bin, think again.

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