Of all the Olympic sports we'd rather not attempt, the pole vault may be at the top of the list. Not only would we be worried about the whole falling back to earth part, but the pole itself looks like it could do quite a number on somebody who lacks the requisite coordination.

Dr William Bell has no such fears. Which shouldn't be so surprising since he's the father of Olympic pole vaulting silver medalist Earl Bell, and has done quite a bit of vaulting himself over the years.

What is suprising about what you are about to see is that William Bell is 90.

Bell is doing the jumping at son Earl's facility in northeast Arkansas, where some of the current US pole vault Olympians have trained.

As you can see, Bell has broken the world pole vaulting record for the 90-and-over age group. Granted it was his own record, suggesting the competition for the title is as sparse as you would expect it to be.

Still, it's impressive to see the nonagenarian continuing to do his thing. And after watching him do his run up, we also fear that he could beat us in a foot race.

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