There's simply no escaping it. It's lurking around every corner. We're not talking about coverage of the presidential election. No, we're talking about adulthood.

You think it can't happen to you, but one day you turn around and realize the clothing at Old Navy is too juvenile and suddenly your journey to maturity has begun.

In this (somewhat NSFW for language) video, YouTuber Nikki Limo perfectly sums up how we can run, but can't hide, from adulthood as we evolve from sloppy, carefree young adult to thoughtful, responsible adult.

Before you can say "Chianti," you find yourself at an age when you treat new social media apps with the same trepidation your parents treated the VCR, you go to sleep before Jimmy Fallon comes on and you not only know to include the "t" in "mortgage" when spelling it, but you also know what it means.

Limo hits the nail that she probably keeps in her neat-and-tidy toolbox on the head. We salute her effort because we know putting this together was definitely not child's play.