This December, Jonah Hill joins the babysitters' club in the R-rated comedy 'The Sitter.'

As the title suggests, Hill plays a lazy babysitter who agrees to watch three bratty kids while their mom goes out for the night. But what starts off as another boring evening in front of the TV quickly turns into a series of chaotic events when Hill's girlfriend of sorts (Ari Graynor) gives him the old booty call.

Sounds raunchy, right? Well, that's nothing compared to the red band trailer, posted Friday. In addition to F-bombs and altercations with murderous drug dealers, the trailer features an intro in which a noticeably slimmer Hill answers inappropriate questions from little kids. In other words: You may want to leave your kids with the sitter before you watch this trailer.

'The Sitter' arrives in theaters December 9.

[via Videogum]