'The Simpsons' have already made an indelible mark on fashion. Who can forget all those Bart Simpson T-shirts that everybody wore back in the '90s?

But Springfield's finest got a fashionable new spin at the runway show for Jeremy Scott's 2012 collection, which took the Web by storm during New York's fashion week.

The entire collection was based on '90s pop cultural references, so other touchstones of that decade -- such as Mac screen grabs and My Little Pony images -- were also featured on the clothing.

The show was accompanied by a soundtrack consisting of video games sounds, Japanese covers of Madonna songs and AOL's famous "You've Got Mail" alert. So we guess that's how one rolls '90s style.

As for the actual clothes? Well, we're pretty sure the stuff you see at a runaway show isn't meant for regular human beings to ever put on their bodies. In any case, we're going to stick with our old 'Bartman' T-shirt. We still appreciate the effort, though, more of which you can see below.

[via Laughing Squid]