Based on the comic book of the same name, 'The Crow' follows a murdered rock star who is resurrected for a vigilante quest to bring down the men who killed him and his fiancee. Almost 10 years after its release, a reboot starring Luke Evans is on the way. But fans will always love the first film, thanks in no small part to the late Brandon Lee's amazing performance in the title role. Join us for a look back at the film and see what the cast has been up to since.

Brandon Lee, Eric Draven/The Crow


Then: James O'Barr, writer of the graphic novel 'The Crow' is based on, didn't originally think Brandon Lee could play Eric Draven. The son of legendary martial arts star Bruce Lee, Brandon had previously starred in films like 'Showdown in Little Tokyo' and 'Rapid Fire.' It seemed that his career would follow in the footsteps of his father. However, his acclaimed performance in 'The Crow' showed Lee's range and could've launched him onto the Hollywood A-list.

Now: Brandon Lee was killed in a tragic accident while filming 'The Crow' when he was struck by a bullet that was accidentally dislodged from a prop gun that was meant to fire blanks. Director Alex Proyas decided to complete the film using a stand-in and special effects as a tribute to Lee. The Swedish film 'Sex Lies and Video Violence,' which featured a cameo appearance by Lee filmed in 1992, was posthumously released in 2000.

Rochelle Davis, Sarah

Miramax/Rochelle Davis

Then: 'The Crow' called for a young woman to play the part of teenager Sarah, a girl whose mother is a negligent drug addict and who is taken care of by Eric Draven and his girlfriend, Shelly. Rochelle Davis was cast even though she'd never acted in anything else before. After Lee's death, Davis had to return to the set to film one final scene with a body double.

Now: Davis didn't return to acting until 2009, when she had a small part as a detective in a horror film called 'Hell House.' She spends her time working on a music career as a singer, and sometimes makes appearances at genre conventions to sign autographs.

Ernie Hudson, Sgt. Albrecht

Miramax/Getty Images

Then: Known primarily for his role as Winston Zeddemore in the 'Ghostbusters' films, Ernie Hudson was cast as Sgt. Albrecht, the cop who investigates the murders of Eric Draven and Shelly Webster.

Now: Hudson has had a long and varied career with roles in films like 'Airheads' (in which he also played a cop) and 'Congo.' Most recently he's had guest appearances on several TV shows, including 'Modern Family' and 'Hart of Dixie.' He also voices Agent Fowler on 'Transformers Prime.'

Michael Wincott, Top Dollar

Miramax/Getty Images

Then: Michael Wincott was known for playing villainous roles in 'Robin Hood Prince of Thieves,' 'The Three Musketeers' and 'Romeo Is Bleeding.' Following a string of sinister roles, Wincott won the part of lead baddie Top Dollar in 'The Crow.'

Now: Wincott continued his string of eclectic film choices with parts in movies like 'Strange Days' and 'Alien: Resurrection.' Most recently he starred as famed serial killer Ed Gein in 'Hitchcock.'

Bai Ling, Myca

Miramax/Getty Images

Then: After working for years in the Chinese film industry, actress Bai Ling got her big break in America with 'The Crow,' in which she played Myca, half-sister and lover (gross) to Top Dollar.

Now: Ling quickly became a rising star, nabbing roles in 'Nixon,' Wild Wild West' and guest spots on 'Entourage' and 'Lost.' In 2011 she appeared on the VH1 series 'Celebrity Rehab' with Dr. Drew in an attempt to clean up her image. Things seem to be turning around for the star, who guest starred on 'Hawaii Five-0' last year.

Sofia Shinas, Shelly Webster

Miramax/Sofia Shinas, Facebook

Then: The Canadian singer Sofia Shinas released her debut album in 1992 and started looking for work in the film industry. Her first role was as Shelly in 'The Crow' -- a part that was first offered to Cameron Diaz, who turned it down because she didn't like the script.

Now: Shinas also starred in 'Terminal Velocity' the same year, as well as two episodes of 'The Outer Limits.' She never released another album, and her acting career never really took off, but she's still doing quite well, and in 2008 she attended the USC School of Cinema-Television in Los Angeles. She'll next be seen in the amazingly titled movie 'Daze: Vol. Too (sic) - NonSeNse' starring Gary Busey and several cast members from 'Police Academy.' Watch the insane NSFW trailer here.

David Patrick Kelly, T-Bird

Miramax/Getty Images

Then: David Patrick Kelly was an actor known for his roles as gangsters -- most notably as Luther in the 1979 cult film 'The Warriors,' in which he improvised the film's most famous line: "Warriors, come out and play!" He also starred in '48 Hrs.' and David Lynch's 'Wild At Heart.' He impressed Lynch so much that the director specifically wrote a part in 'Twin Peaks' just for Kelly.

Now: Kelly continues to enjoy a successful career, appearing in films like 'K-PAX' and 'Flags of Our Fathers,' and occasionally showing up on TV, with recurring parts on 'Gossip Girl' and 'Louie.'

Michael Massee, Funboy

Miramax/Amazing Spider-Man Wikia

Then: Massee played Funboy, one of the thugs who killed Shelly and got high with Sarah's mom Darla. Sadly, Massee fired the gun that accidentally killed Brandon Lee.

Now: Massee went on to creepy roles in 'Carnivale,' 'Revelations' and more. Returning to his comic book roots, he played "The Man in the Shadows" in 2012's 'The Amazing Spider-Man.' In 2005 he broke his silence about the tragic accident on the set of 'The Crow' saying, "I don't think you ever get over something like that."