Starting this Friday, Cartoon Network will be bringing back some old favorites to prime time. At 8pm on Fridays, animated personalities Brak and Zorak will be hosting the hour long show, featuring Cartoon Network originals that have been off the air for years.

While the duo jokes that the block will be called the 'Brak and Zorak Like Cartoons Show,' its actual title is simply 'Cartoon Planet Fridays.' Children of the 90's will remember the original 'Cartoon Planet' block, which ran between 1996 and 2000 and was also hosted by Brak and Zarok, along with their nemesis Space Ghost.

It is assumed that Cartoon Network will be cycling different old shows in every week. The schedule for the debut block is below.

Cow and Chicken 'Happy Meat.'
The Powerpuff Girls 'Meet The Beat Alls'
Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends 'Sight for Sore Eyes'
Johnny Bravo “Johnny Bravo Meets 'Adam West'
Dexter’s Laboratory 'Star Spangled Sidekicks'

So are you excited for the first episode? And, if it was up to you, what other old cartoons would you bring back?