'The Brave Little Toaster' is one of those childhood movies that sticks with us forever. What's not to love about an adorable toaster who bravely sets out on an adventure to find his lost owner? Talk about a courageous kitchen appliance. And we can't forget about his fellow appliance friends, Lampy, Blanky, Radio and Kirby the vacuum. Weren't they the best?

So when we heard the film's director, Jerry Rees, was hosting an AMA session on Reddit, our inner talking toaster-loving child burst with excitement. Anyone who could fathom such a genius cartoon movie is bound to be awesome, right? You bet!

Jerry proved he's definitely a cool character, and we learned a lot from his chat, like his preferred preparation of toast. Check out some highlights from this AMA session below.

Reddit user OMGtheBLITZ: "Why a toaster as the main character and not another appliance?"

Answer: The Toaster is warm enough to put up with everyone else. And the other characters seeing themselves reflected in its surface, feel an immediate kinship. At least that was our theory :)"

Reddit user jeannaimard: "Speaking of toast, light or scorched?"

Answer: I like a little bit of scorch at the edge."

Reddit user _OneManArmy_: "Every time I drive past a junkyard and see the big hanging magnets I have an involuntary shudder."

Answer: I had that whole connection with inanimate objects as characters while we were making the film. I was walking through a back alley to get to a restaurant and came across a broken TV that was tossed out. I felt sorry so sorry for it! Wondered how it felt? How long it had faithfully given entertainment to its owner..."

Reddit user theshirt: "Just wanted to say thanks, Brave Little Toaster and Star Wars were my two favorite movies as a kid"

Answer: Well thank you! The whole Toaster crew really cared about the project and put tons of effort and creativity into it. But the real joy is discovering years later that the audience found an emotional connection with it. That's what it's all about :)"

Reddit user PlaidBaron: "Which musical number was your favorite in the film? The junkyard scene/song left a particularly big impression on me as a kid."

Answer: I agree with you about the junkyard song. The sadness of each character having a last musing about their life before getting crushed... But I must say that I liked some of the other songs, because I got to sing all the Radio parts. Lovitz was busy on Saturday Night Live, so I sang his parts for him. Fun :-)"

Reddit user SaulsAll: "You made an awesome kid's movie, my friend. One that held a love that was deeper than moon-eyes and trying for a first kiss. One that had danger, and fear, and sacrifice in a way that didn't insult the young, but didn't try to give them too much at the same time. Hrmm...questions...what was your favorite movie as a child?

Answer: Poetry! Much respect, SauisAll. Hmm... as a child I think 'The Wizard of Oz' had a huge impact. Heartfelt and scary as hell and sweet."

Reddit user skyblueflora: "Will you be my best friend? :D"

Answer: "Guess so. Why not?"