Remember the game Candy Land? It was kinda trippy and just made you want to eat candy? We don’t recall it being very adventurous or at all thrilling, but apparently that’s not going to stop Hollywood from making a movie version of it. And, of course, Adam Sandler has signed on.

Kevin Lima, who directed ‘Enchanted,’ will direct and Robert Smigel of SNL ‘TV Funhouse’ and “Insult Comic Dog” fame will also write.

Columbia Pictures CEO Doug Belgrad said,

Candy Land is more than just a game. The world of Candy Land offers an extraordinary canvas upon which to create a fantastical, live-action family adventure film with a larger than life part for Adam.”

Riiiiight. We think perhaps he’s had a few too many bites out of the Gum Drop Mountains.

[via FilmDrunk]