We’re thankful for many things this Thanksgiving; loved ones, holiday traditions, the complete 'Harry Potter' series on Blu-ray...We’re also thankful for our furry feline friends and the heartwarming chuckles (read: countless hours of wasted work time) that their silly, adorable antics provide. (Right, Garfield?) With this in mind, we give you funny Thanksgiving cats! (You're welcome.)

  • 1

    Clean Plate Club

    Much like Pilgrim president Miles Standish, this kitty isn’t picky about where her food comes from. She’s thankful just to have a leg to eat...off of.

    Found on Flickr, TheoGeo
  • 2

    Tipsy Kitties

    Somebody call these tipsy kitties a cab. They hit the (cranberry) sauce pretty hard tonight.

    Found on peakcitypuppy.com
  • 3


    This cat recently became a vegan. Plus, being seated at the little kitties table is always a recipe for a miserable Thanksgiving.

    Found on hahastop.com
  • 4

    Basket Case

    You've heard of Chicken in a Biscuit? Meet the sequel: Kitten in a Basket. Not as tasty, but WAY cuter!

    Found on icanhascheezburger.com
  • 5


    Chloe's owners think this is really funny. Chloe thinks attacking her owners in their sleep is funny. Looks like everyone will have something to be thankful for this year.

    Found on bestycoasty.blogspot.com
  • 6

    Cautionary Tail

    Don't let this happen to you, cat friends! It only takes one relative with a miniature costume collection, a camera and a mental state temporarily weakened by tryptophan.

    Found on caturdaynightfever.blogspot.com
  • 7


    The latest mugshot of vicious dust bunny-murderer, Mr. Marmalade McWhiskers III, aka "Fluffy."

    Found on pixels-n-pen.blogspot.com
  • 8

    Fowl Play

    Clawless cat vs. flightless bird: Who will win the neverending battle?

    Found on icanhascheezburger.com
  • 9

    Dressed for Dinner

    This "turkitty" is the feline equivalent of 'Toddlers in Tiaras' -- We. Just. Can’t. Look. Away.

    Found on ihavecat.com
  • 10

    Angry Birds Vs. Kitty

    Forget pigs. The birds have a new, cuter enemy.

    Found on my.opera.com