Something has just got to be done about these pesky telemarketers.

First, it's your home phone. Then, your cell phone. And now? They're determined to reach you when you're in a confined space with no means of escape.

Some poor guy was riding in an elevator minding his own business when a robocall got through to the elevator phone in what has got to be a first.

After the call, the fella in the elevator should've picked up the phone and immediately asked to be placed on a no-call list -- any no-call list.

It's the most surprising thing you can find in an elevator -- other than one that's only properly sized to carry ants.

Telemarketers just have a knack for finding people who don't want you to find them. If only they could spend their time tracking down deadbeat dads or customers delinquent in paying their bills, maybe more people would like them.