One teen's attempt to creatively ask his girlfriend to the prom got mighty uncomfortable.

Daniel set up signs along the road for his girlfriend, Alex, to read that said, "Alex. Will. You. Marry. LOL Jk. Go To. Prom. With Me."

Alex's response was not exactly heartwarming. She said, "That's a [bleep] way to ask someone to prom." About 10 seconds later, the light bulb goes on in her head and she realizes Daniel was the one behind the signs. She felt horrible and unleashed a landslide of tears, although, to be fair, we're not sure if she's crying because she felt badly, because she was touched by his effort or because she got asked to prom.

Daniel finally pulls the car over and turns off the camera, so Alex can bawl in private. When the camera is turned back on, both Daniel and Alex are all smiles, drinking some refreshing beverages they stopped off to pick up.

This fairy tale certainly has a happy ending -- Alex said yes. Something tells us they're going to have a great time at the prom.

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