Some kids just get grounded when they disobey their parents. But in Memphis, TN, this young lady had to stand on a busy corner holding a sign that said, “I steal from my family” as a punishment.

Natia Wade has been in trouble before for stealing things, but perhaps now she will think before she does it again. The 13-year-old has never stolen anything huge, mostly insignificant items from her mom. This time, she stole her mom’s debit card to use it to reactivate her cell phone, which her mother had taken away.

That was the last straw for her parents. As her punishment, she was forced to stand outside on a busy street corner and hold the handmade “I steal from my family” sign. Her aunt stood on the corner with her, but she supported the punishment.

She said, “Don’t get me wrong, because you never want to put your child in this situation because they’re fragile. But with all of the things that are going on with kids stealing things and all the crime being committed in Memphis, she will not be one of them.”

Public shaming seems to be a new trend in parenting. Just last week, this father found his daughter’s insolent rant about him on Facebook and punished her by videotaping himself shooting her laptop with a round of hollow-point bullets. If this is the kind of punishment they feel is necessary, we are happy to be entertained by it.

Watch a news report about the teen's public punishment below.

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