Liam Neeson's character in 'Taken' is probably the greatest dad in movie history for using his "particular set of skills" to rescue his daughter from a gang of kidnappers.

Of course, 'Taken' is a movie. In real life if one was snatched by human traffickers daddy is probably not going to be able to fix everything -- which is why we all spend so much time learning about "stranger danger."

But what would a real-life dad do if his child was 'Taken.' The video below, from the sketch comedy troupe Captain Hippo, explores that very topic.

Pops really wants to save his son -- he even goes as far as to type "where is my son?" into Google. But when the magical search engine can't help him he starts to lose interest. Then there is the traffic. And, apparently, the darned GPS system won't tell you the directions to France.

Oh well. He tried.