For fans who are already aware of the 'Where The Hell Is Matt?' videos, well, start getting excited because the latest one is even more epic. And for the those of you who don't, get ready to have your heart lifted in such a way you won't know what to do with yourself.

For some years now Matt Harding has been editing together little clips in which he travels the world and dances a very particular step with other people in or from whatever city, town or village he finds himself in. And the results continue to be entertaining. The other dancers are an amazing range of children to tribesmen to adults to businessmen... anyone who is willing to dance.

In this 2012 video, Matt visits areas such as Seattle, Rwanda, Spain, Austria, Papua New Guinea, Pennsylvania and even North Korea--how he did that one, we're not certain. These examples sit on a list of roughly 71 locations.

Whenever we are lucky enough to check out one of these videos, it lightens up our day for some reason. There's undoubtedly something we truly enjoy in watching Matt travel the world.