Guy Vines His Breakup With Angry Girlfriend
A Vine user named Khoaliti has turned himself into something of a viral star after he posted a video of his girlfriend basically ending their romance. His description of the video simply states, "You guys just witness my breakup...#damn." Clearly some things are better left off of …
Dads on Vine
Decidedly more frenetic than grandparents on webcams, this is what happens when dads figure out how to make Vines. Or at least one dad.
The Best Vines of June (So Far)
Sure, it's only the first week of June, but here are the best vines of June. Listen, we know it's crazy, but that's what this video is called. So either the rest of the Vines this month are not going to be this funny, everybody is going to take a Vinecation until July, or they're…