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Paula Deen Animated
In case you haven't been following that whole "Paula Deen is a huge racist" thing very closely, here's a video to get you up to speed. Sort of. It's actually kind of confusing.
Taiwanese Animators Take on the Beyonce Baby News [VIDEO]
Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese animation company famous for such gems as the re-enactment of the Tiger Woods car crash and the bizarre recap of Steve Jobs' career, has found its next subject: Beyonce and Jay-Z's unborn baby.
The awesomely hilarious clip shows Beyonce's reveal of the pregnancy at…
The Steve Jobs Taiwanese Animation Is Here! [VIDEO]
We all know that Apple was founded when Steve Jobs took a technicolor trip through a forest and was bonked on the head with a Newtonian Apple logo of inspiration, before going on to literally give birth to a bulky Macintosh computer. Well, that's how Taiwanese animation team Next Media Animatio…