Soccer Fails!
One of the most popular sports around the world, soccer (or should we say, football) is super fun to watch. And any soccer fan knows that the only thing more amusing than a sick goal is an epic soccer fail. Check out some great GIFs of what can only be described as total fails. You've never see…
Clueless Sports Commentator Has No Idea What’s Going On
Sports commentator and former soccer player Chris Kamara has a bit of a reputation for not really knowing what's going on, which makes sense when you watch this video of him not having any idea what's happening. He's at a soccer game, and has somehow failed to notice which player has …
Could Soccer Be a New Energy Source?
At this point it would be safe to say that soccer will never be considered a national sport of the United States, but even as an American, one cannot ignore or deny the unique unifying power that the sport carries in nearly all other parts of the globe. And it would seem that the "beautiful gam…
Stray Cat Interrupts Live Soccer Match [VIDEO]
On Monday, a stray cat interrupted a live Liverpool-Tottenham English Premier League soccer match by wandering onto the field at Anfield stadium. The soccer-loving kitty spent almost a minute on the field before being caught by a member of stadium security and released back onto the street.

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