15 Adorable Snoring Animals
Somewhere along the way, February 28th was declared Public Sleeping Day. There is no record of what tired person made this so, but the fact is that it's a day. A day when you can go out and sleep in public, if you dare.
Who’s Ever Heard of a Goat-Herding Mini Horse?
What's cuter than a mini horse named Einstein? A mini horse named Einstein herding goats in the snow! Sure being an imposing stallion has its benefits; but when it comes to herding goats, there's nothing like having a snout at goat butt level. (No bending required.)
Horse Dances to Lil’ Kim at Equestrian Games [VIDEO]
At the 2006 World Equestrian Games, Andreas Helgstrand led his nine-year-old mare through a horse dressage competition to the music of none other than rapper Lil' Kim. No, not really. But this video sets the horse's tight galloping to a hip-hip beat.
Ever wonder if a horse could drop it lik…