Man Pays Driving Ticket With Origami Pigs
This probably tops the list of passive aggressive ways to pay for a ticket. A disgruntled man who got busted by a red light camera took the time to fold 137 one dollar bills into origami pigs (get it? Cops = pigs?) and stuffed them into a couple of Dunkin Donuts boxes.
Yorkshire Puppy Leads Police on a Highway Chase
This little Yorkshire terrier jumped out the window of his owner's car, after it was involved in a minor traffic accident. If that weren't bad enough, the pup started running loose on a busy highway. The police were eventually able to corral the pup, but not before his elusivenes…
Oops! Embarrassed SWAT Team Has Their Guns Stolen
Well, this is humiliating. Thieves using bolt cutters were able to force their way into a supposedly secure building earlier Thursday morning and steal 21 MP-5 submachine guns and 12 large caliber handgun from the Los Angeles police department's prestigious SWAT unit.
Stolen Police Car Joyride Captured on Dashboard Camera [VIDEO]
When police pulled over Arthur Lee Thompson, he immediately denied doing anything wrong. But he sure was about to. The 38-year-old Summerville, South Carolina man begin to fight with the officer, and in the confusion, Thompson managed to jump into the cop's unoccupied cruiser, and take it on a terri…