Christina Aguilera

'The Voice' Face Swaps
You know what would make 'The Voice' better? If Cee Lo Green had Christina Aguilera's hair. FACT. If you disagree with that statement, clearly you are not looking at ^^this^^ picture.
Christina Pranked
Christina Aguilera has fallen victim to an exceptionally strange search engine quirk: If you Google 'dying grandparent' in Google Images, it's predominantly images of her, and she's neither a grandparent nor dying.
So what's going on?
2012 Music Mash-up
If you love dance parties, but just don't have it in you to physically move for more than 10 minutes without experiencing chest pain, here you go! This pop "danthology" squeezes 55 songs that got stuck in your head at the grocery store this year into eight minutes.