Remember 'Doug,' the animated sitcom that ran on Nickelodeon, and then on the Disney Channel, throughout the '90s? The show's title character was a large-hearted, daydreaming, klutz of an 11-year old, who would often suffer indignities that such vulnerable types are subjected to. Especially when they are the new kid in school, as Doug was.

But, despite his precarious position, Doug always had the ability to make lemons into lemonade. This winning trait is celebrated in a new 'Success Doug' image macro series created by fans over on Nickelodeon's 'The '90s Are All That' Facebook page.

Check out more of our favorites of the meme below. And, yup, the kid deserved every single one of these breaks.

You can create you own Success Doug here.

[via '90s Are All That Facebook]