Thanks to the seasonal boom in masks and disguises, Halloween is prime time for criminals. That is, unless they tangle with the wrong sandwich slinger...

When a 6 foot tall, 250 pound man in a ghost mask barged into a Subway restaurant in Braidwood, Illinois this past Friday, there was no doubt he was looking for trouble. The burly would-be robber had grabbed a female employee who was just leaving, pulling her back into the restaurant. He pushed her to the ground and demanded a male employee open the register.

Well, this ghost under-estimated his prey: instead of handing over the cash, the male employee reached for a pot of hot soup and threw it at the criminal. Then he jumped over the counter and began scuffling with the masked man, who was already dealing with the burning broth.

That was enough to banish the ghost, who fled the scene via a getaway car.

It's a good thing Subway serves soup — we don't think their freshly made buns would have the same crime-fighting effect, no matter how recently toasted.

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