Big man on campus? Try the biggest.

A student in an organic chemistry class at Ohio State got everyone a 100 on their first quiz when he sank a nearly impossible shot, as part of the professor's lesson.

The professor tossed a paper ball into the balcony of the lecture hall to explain the concept of "donating a proton" and then promised to dish out a 100 to the entire class if the person who caught the ball could shoot straight into the garbage can on the lower level.

Mission accomplished.

Rachel Brown recorded the video and uploaded it to Twitter, where it has exploded. Brown, who accidentally identified the shooter as Benny (his name is Vinny), told BuzzFeed, “I was definitely surprised but very excited (mostly for my chem grade). Everyone else was going crazy too."

And the hero of all this has been identified and the love he's getting is amazing:

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