In a case of "well that's a bit much," a senior at Mt. Healthy High School in Cincinnati was denied his high school diploma because his family and friends cheered for too long during the graduation ceremony. Instead, the principal told Anthony Cornist that as punishment, he would have to serve 20 hours of community service before he could receive his diploma.

Needless to say, Cornist's mother was none too pleased with the way her son was treated. She was one among the many in the audience who cheered on her son as he walked on to the stage. Calling the punishment "ludicrous," Cornist's mother said in an interview that her cheering was no louder than anybody else and the reason why the cheers were "excessive" was because her son is popular. Anthony Cornist is a second leading tackler for his school's football team Fighting Owls.

Mt. Healthy City Schools superintendent Lori Handler stands by the decision because every parent was instructed before the ceremony to not cheer loudly as it prevents the succeeding student's name from being heard -- which is kind of a big deal for every graduating student and their parents. Meanwhile, Cornist is concerned about how the delay in getting his diploma could impact his higher education. "I have a college right now that definitely needs my diploma," he said.

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Watch the report from WCPO below.