For several straight days last week, residents in the town of Clintonville, Wisconsin were plagued by mysterious booming sounds that appeared to be coming from underground. But as of last Thursday, town officials believe they've finally pinpointed a cause.

According to residents, the noises sounded like distant thunder or fireworks and were strong enough to jolt them out of bed. At first, people were amused by the racket, but after the noises persisted, many considered leaving the small town of 4,600 people until a cause could be determined.

On Thursday, officials said that a 1.5 magnitude quake had been recorded in the small town and was the likely culprit. "The mystery is solved," City Administrator Lisa Kuss said confidently during a town hall with 250 anxious residents.

Still, some residents doubted that an earthquake could have caused the phenomenon they experienced, and they called for further inquiry. "They haven't investigated enough," said one woman. "I'm very concerned and I am not happy with the outcome."

What do you think? Was an earthquake the root cause? Or were the strange noises caused by something else? Is it perhaps related to the strange sounds people have been hearing all around the world? Is this the beginning of an alien invasion?