For the past 19 years, at least one of Maureen and Allan Kogut's six boys have attended Marley Middle School in Glen Burnie, MD. And for the past nearly two decades, none of them has received a final grade of anything less than an A.

Youngest son Richie Kogut just graduated from Marley, officially ending this improbable streak at a year shy of two decades.

According to Maureen, a key to her sons' academic success is that they come from a house full of books. "We are very big on reading in our family. We read all the time. I read to my kids every night. My oldest would bring me a stack of like 40 books, and I'd fall asleep reading to him," she explained.

Allan was thrilled and grateful for his boys' unique achievement. "I'm very proud. My children have taken the opportunity they've been provided for at Marley Middle and succeeded."

But neither parent is discounting the fact that good old-fashioned sibling rivalry is what may have ultimately driven the boys' success. "They are harder on each other than we could ever be," Maureen explained. Learn more about this high achieving family here.