Rep. Steve Scalise, the congressman shot during a practice for a charity baseball game back in June, returned to Capitol Hill on Thursday.

The Republican lawmaker from Louisiana, who serves as the House majority whip, was greeted by a thunderous round of applause during a standing ovation from his colleagues in the House.

Scalise, 51, also took time to thank Crystal Griner and David Bailey, the capitol police officers who he credits with saving not just life, but the lives of many others, as well.

"I'm definitely a living example that miracles really do happen," he said. "I got to see that goodness in people and so while some people might focus on a tragic event and an evil act, to me, all I remember are the thousands of acts of kindness and love and warmth that came out of this and kept me going through all of it and again."

Scalise also took to Twitter to let the world know he is once again at work.

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