Thanks to six feature films, all sorts of specials, countless books and a never-ending wiki, we know an awful lot about the 'Star Wars' realm. But there's still lots of silly little details to learn about the galaxy far, far away.

For example, did you know the Death Star was originally called the "space mall"? Thanks to 'Star Wars Detours' now we do. The trailer for the upcoming animated comedy series focuses on the more mundane aspects of the Star Wars universe — the ribbon cutting ceremonies, the messages bounty hunters didn't get from their roommates.

In the clip, the origin of Admiral Ackbars' famous "It's a trap!" line is revealed. Let's just say the formerly obscure character doesn't deserve all the glory the internet has showered upon him for it.

'Star Wars Detours' comes from 'Robot Chicken' creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich; the trailer was unveiled at Star Wars Celebration VI, which took place over the weekend. There are still no details as to when the series will premiere, but if you waited 20 years for the prequels, surely a few extra months for a cartoon parody won't hurt much.