'Star Wars: Episode 1-The Phantom Menace' is considered by many fans of the epic series to be the worst installment, largely because of one extremely annoying character named Jar Jar Binks. With the coming re-release of TPM in 3D, PistolShrimps, felt inspired to create a humorous alternate ending appropriately named 'Bye Bye Jar Jar,' blessing audiences with the not-so-unfortunate demise of this much hated character.

It is painfully evident that George Lucas' reason for living is to make boatloads of money, milking 'Star Wars' for all that its worth. Why else would he be re-releasing the entire 'Star Wars' series in 3D? With a net worth of 4 billion dollars, it is clear that the franchise has served him well.

But not even Liam Neeson's stellar performance could save 'TPM' from ridicule from even the most dedicated fans. That is why 'Bye Bye Jar Jar' has gone so viral in the past few days. The thought of the bumbling Gungan getting sucked into the engine of young Anikan Skywalker's podracer almost makes Jar Jar's existence worthwhile. Almost, but not quite. Still, 'Bye Bye Jar Jar' definitely gives Star Wars Fans something nice to dream about.

[Via: VVV]