A speeding truck hugging a curve, a fallen tree and a disabled car on the side of the road is a recipe for total disaster.

Those elements are all in play in this video that will make you jump out of your chair. Here's the setup: a trucker in Australia stops to help a woman who's stuck in her car on the side of the road after she ran over a fallen tree you can see not too far away from where they're chatting.

If they think the worst was over, they are sorely mistaken because a semi-truck comes barreling from the other direction and heads right toward them after it, too, runs over the tree. The truck smashes into the woman's car and you can only imagine what that looked like.

It's a miracle that the woman was not injured. Her car, however, was a different story, since it suffered plenty of damage.

Of course, trees causing havoc on the roadway is nothing new on this side of the hemisphere, as this driver in New Jersey can attest. Maybe staying home isn't such a bad idea.