If you're from the South and you've ever felt looked down on, this guy's got your back.

Chad Prather, who hosts Ride TV's It's My Backyard, recently made a video on YouTube called "Unapologetically Southern," in which -- you guessed it -- he defends the Southern way of life.

The video was spurred on by a complaint Prather claims he got from someone who said his Southern accent because "it proves to us you're not intelligent."

Prather, who grew up in Georgia, then makes a very intelligent case for why Southern life is good. Whether you're a Yankee from the North, a laid-back surfer dude from the West Coast or a kind Midwesterner, you're bound to appreciate Prather's sollilquy.

We especially his subtle jab when he declares, "I would love to be as smooth, sophisticated, suave and debonnaire as those of you who send me those messages seem to be.I wish I could articulate my thoughts and enunciate my words as well as you master communicators must be capable of doing."

Way to go, Chad. We're fixin' to declare this is how the South was won.

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