There's no better sound than a baby laughing. Except maybe the sound that makes them laugh.

A team of researchers and music experts have come together to make a song designed to make babies happy. According to Time:

Caspar Addyman, an expert in child development, and Lauren Stewart, a musical psychologist, were asked by U.K. baby food manufacturer Cow & Gate to analyze existing science about infant preferences in order come up with the ideal parameters for a baby-friendly pop hit -- one that was 'proven to make babies happy.'"

British singer-songwriter Imogen Heap was then brought in to create the tune that would put "Wheels on the Bus" to shame.

Addyman documented the experience, giving some insight into the ground rules and how they determined what sounds to include. The result? "The Happy Song," which you can hear in the above video.

The song appeared to be a hit with the little ones. That's great and all, but it begs the question: now what? According to Addyman, "We are planning to use the song in a range of experiments looking at how parents introduce their babies to music and hope to look more in depth at babies’ physiological responses to happy music."

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