Newsflash: it's cold out there.

Don't believe it? Well, this reporter is about to prove it in a pretty disgusting fashion.

Alexandra Koehn is a reporter for WTVF in Nashville, who was doing a live standup last week about the weather when snot started dripping down her nose. It's not exactly the type of career highlight she's going to put on her reel as she tries to climb her way up to the network level.

In fact, it's pretty gross. More importantly, though, it's the kind of clip that makes for compelling content that people will enjoy watching because we've all been in this position, but are fortunate enough never to have been so while a camera was rolling and an entire city was tuned in.

It's too bad the video ended when it did because we would've kept watching right until the point she finally announced, "Breaking news! My cameraman has handed me a Kleenex!"

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