Get readizzle to feel really old, kids of the '90s: Snoop Dogg's 10-year-old daughter, who goes by Cori B., is joining Willow Smith in the tween pop scion scene.

In fact, she's already dropped her first single, titled 'Do My Thang.'

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Cori's sound doesn't borrow much from her famous dad's -- although 'Do My Thang' relies on modern hip-hop production with a pop-friendly R&B sheen, the song doesn't reveal whether she inherited Snoop's trademark flow.

Instead, it's a sunny synth pop number that extols the virtues of doing one's thang, whether it's hitting the floor, feeling the music, raising your hands, or simply partying all night. Wait -- staying up all night? Shouldn't she have a curfew? It sounds like being Snoop's daughter has a few perks.

[via PopCrush]