It's like they say: you are what you eat.

Check out this disturbing video from LiveLeak of a snake that devoured a porcupine. The description succinctly says, "The jiboia is a predator that usually eats chickens, piglets .. This time she ate one that was not for her taste buds."

The scene unfolded in Brazil, reports the Daily Mail.

It's unclear if the snake actually did manage to fully consume the spiked creature, since the Daily Mail reported, "The impaled reptile had apparently attempted to eat the porcupine -- but came off worse when the animal defended itself with its quills."

Either way, this is clearly the worst case of indigestion you're going to come across. Maybe next time the snake will chow down on something that's a little easier on his system and doesn't leave him looking like a mobile cactus.

It's unclear if the quills were ever removed.

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