If you're someone who wants your kids to know more about food -- something we should all know more about -- you'll probably find a new app in development pretty interesting.

Taggie, the brainchild of recent Dutch design school graduate Niels van Hoof, uses your smartphone camera to scan a barcode of food items. It then launches a 3D augmented reality animation to give children a short, fun lesson about the food's origin, growth process, and different varieties.

Van Hoof explains the app was inspired by Jamie Oliver's 'Food Revolution,' saying,

He went to schools and tried to find out if kids know where food comes from. [We hope] kids will discover more about fruits and vegetables and [will not be] afraid of the product anymore, which results in living healthier."

Since more than a billion adults worldwide are overweight, Taggie's goal is to give youngsters early knowledge about food that's good -- and good for them.

Take a look at Taggie in action below. The text is in Dutch, but the images tell you all you need to know. Here's to healthy eating!

[via Good]