Blind people in São Carlos, a city in the state of São Paulo in Brazil, will be happy to hear that a new app has been developed to help them get around the city without the need for a 24-7 guide.

Grupo Criar, a company that is involved in traffic systems, designed the "Busalert" app which is similar to Barcelona's already existing "OnTheBus" app. All the passenger must do is send a text to install the app, and key in the bus route number and their choice of bus stop. Then, a recorded voice provides information on the distance, length of wait and how many bus stops the vehicle needs to cover.

200 people are already benefitting from this new app and the team are looking to extend its use to other passengers for general information such as wait time and distance until destination.

It would be great if this technology could be used for other forms of public transit such as taxis, or help guide users to the closest pharmacy or assistance center. Bring this to the US please -- we could really do with this kind of information on those long hot rides into work this summer!