Smartphones may not be the most intelligent thing you own for much longer.

A Seattle man named Evan Cohen has unveiled a smart mirror he's working on for the past month.

We've got to reiterate the one month aspect because it's pretty cool what he's come up with in just over four weeks.

The mirror works via voice command and can provide date, time, weather conditions, maps and a customized greeting, among other cool features. It can also control lighting, which is pretty nifty.

If you'd like to learn more about how Cohen is doing all this, you can check out his GitHub page.

Just think -- there may come a day when we watch this video and laugh about how simple and basic the smart mirror is while we're putting on our smart pants before eating breakfast with our smart forks and cleaning our mouths with our smart napkins.

The dreams of Back to the Future Part II will seem positively pre-historic by comparison.

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