For all the times you've had to look at some dimwit's photo of themselves with their mouth half-open in front of the bathroom mirror, there is at least some justice in the world. One idiot's pointless vanity led to his arrest.

Albert Wilson and a few of his friends ganged up on a teenager in the Bronx and told him to empty his wallet and hand over his smartphone. The teen complied and the thieves ran off into the night. Apparently at some point, Wilson was feeling extra-sexy, so he decided to take a picture of himself. Unfortunately for him, the teen whose phone he'd stolen had set it up so that any photos that were taken were instantly emailed to himself.

With a dead-on high quality photo of the thief in their possession, the police soon found and arrested Wilson, on charges of robbery, criminal possession of stolen property and possession of a controlled substance thought to be crack. Definitive proof that crack is whack, folks. So are "selfies."