You might have to put in some extra work the next time you go grocery shopping.

Big-time grocer Kroger is doing a test run of have no cashiers or grocery baggers at their checkouts.

How Do Self-Checkout Only Stores Work?

According to WKRC, shoppers at a Kroger store in Cool Springs, Tennessee will be required to take a do-it-yourself approach to ringing up and bagging their groceries.

There is no other option at this location.

The report states the store now features recently-installed wide-belt checkout lanes to accommodate larger grocery orders than typically seen in self-checkouts.

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

While the WKRC story said there are no current plans to expand the full self-checkout concept nationwide, the store has only been trying it out at the Tennessee store for less than a week.

Will Self-Checkout Stores Eliminate Jobs?

The TV station claims no positions have been eliminated at the store as staff members are available to assist customers with the checkouts and bagging.

No word on whether you'll be able to qualify for Employee Of The Month if you do an exceptional job bagging your own groceries.

Kroger's website says the Cincinnati-based company operates 2.750 grocery retail stores across 35 states that serve nearly a 11 million customers a day.

Additional stores under the Kroger company's umbrella include King Soopers, Ruler, Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter and Ralph's.

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