In the days before the internet, people who were rude to waitstaff and/or didn't tip properly could go about their shameful lives in relative obscurity.

Welcome to 2011. The rules, they have changed.

On Friday night, Seattle bartender Victoria Liss served a man and his date food and drinks. When it came time to pay the check, the man not only stiffed Victoria, but left her a touching little love note at the bottom:

P.S. You could stand to loose [sic] a few pounds.

Aw. Such a romantic!

Incensed, Liss uploaded a photo of the poetic masterpiece to her Facebook page.

Veronica Liss restaurant receipt

Since the guy paid with a credit card, she had his name -- Andrew Meyer-- and the internet equivalent of villagers grabbing pitchforks and storming the castle began.

After several media outlets picked up the story, popular Seattle writer and newspaper columnist Dan Savage wrote a piece as well. The paper he works for, The Stranger, even published an interview with Liss. Internet justice has officially hit critical mass.

Site such as ServerStories, ServerNightmares and TheStainedApron regularly publish tales from bar and restaurant staff who have been abused or stiffed by patrons. But it's probably fair to say none of them will ever be able to get this kind of revenge.

The actual Andrew Meyer who perpetrated the offense has yet to been found, by the way, but the ensuing witchhunt means several innocent guys with the same name will likely be barraged with hate mail. Social media justice -- it may be furious and swift, but it's not always terribly precise.

(via Yahoo!)