Rob Lowe set the sports world and the Twittersphere on fire Wednesday when he broke the news, via a Tweet, that legendary Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning was retiring.

When pressed on where he got his information, Lowe revealed it came from his "people," casting himself as the most handsome NFL insider ever.

The push back on Lowe's Tweet came from Peyton Manning's father Archie, who vehemently denied that his son was retiring, and from Peyton's agent, who also said he hadn't heard anything about Peyton hanging it up.

Lowe, who is known to be a big Colts' fan, continues to defend his Tweet, saying it was from a reliable source -- but one he can't reveal.

Time will tell if Manning -- who missed last season with a serious neck injury -- is planning to retire, and Lowe's info was correct. And, if not, perhaps this is all just a very sneaky marketing campaign for 'Drew Peterson: Untouchable,' which stars Lowe as the killer cop, and premieres Saturday night on Lifetime.

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