Huge news for science fiction fans: 'Blade Runner' director Ridley Scott will be returning to direct and produce a planned sequel to the 1982 cult favorite.

Scott is currently working on a so-called "pseudo-prequel" to his successful 'Alien' series, 'Prometheus,' and now wants to reboot the 'Blade Runner' story as well.

In March, Alcon Entertainment had acquired the rights to the ''Runner' universe with the catch that they couldn't simply remake it -- so the sequel will boast a new and original storyline.

Still no word on Harrison Ford's role in all of this (he told MTV in July he had "no idea" if he'd join the cast), but here's hoping his be-trenchcoated character Rick Deckard makes an appearance, replicant or otherwise.

In the meantime, check out the theatrical trailer for the original movie:

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