Ricky Gervais' comedy routines may be a bit offensive to some celebrities, but he is largely a warmhearted individual who wouldn't hurt a fly. That is why it is so 'shocking' to see the funny man send an electric jolt through T4 host Steve Jones, during this hilarious interview. But as you'll see below, Ricky makes it perfectly clear that he was simply following orders.

During a Q&A to promote Ricky's movie 'The Invention of Lying,' Steve Jones proposed the idea that if he couldn't guess whether or not Ricky was lying he should press a button on a machine that would send a light shock through the host's hand. However, it appears that Steve grossly underestimated his tolerance for pain.

After guessing the first two answers correctly, everything seems to be going in Steve's favor. But when he gets the third question wrong, he braces himself for the jolt. When that jolt hurts him worse than he had anticipated, he throws the hand attachment to the floor and abruptly ends the interview.

The shock freaked Steve out so badly that even when he wasn't hooked up to the machine, he still jumped when Ricky made a move toward the button. Next time Steve will  probably rehearse his interviews backstage before embarrassing himself in front of the cameras.

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