Tack on another stab that the right-wing media will take in order to make sure Barack Obama doesn't become president for a second term. "Now he's killing old ladies!," they'll say. No, they probably won't, but still, the story is a rather sullen one.

It turns out that earlier this week President Obama dined at the fine establishment of Ann's Place in Akron, Ohio. During his time there, all was quite pleasant. He made the rounds, shaking hands and greeting the employees. The Commander-in-Chief ordered his two eggs over easy along with some bacon, wheat toast and grits and then left.

Sadly, it was reported that later that day the 70-year-old owner of Ann's Place -- Josephine "Ann" Harris -- passed away at 11:18 AM after complaining of "fatigue and a tingling feeling," according to the Akron Beacon Journal.

In the story, Josephine's sister was quoted as saying, "I'm sure this was her highlight. She loved Obama." In what can only be described as an unfortunate event, it turns out that word got back to the prez. He called the Harris family from Air Force One after hearing of the death. At least Anne, who is pictured below, got to fulfill one last dream.