Work is a good place to meet people.

Wendy Burch, a reporter for Los Angeles' KTLA, can certainly attest to that.

Burch was interviewing an Australian man about the increase in shark sightings. He was articulate, charming and shirtless and certainly left an impresssion Burch, who was probably most impressed with the whole shirtless thing. Whatever it was that won over Burch, she decided not to let the moment pass.

She dropped her microphone and ran after our handsome hero from Down Under. You gotta seize the moment, right? Being a go-getter is probably how she made it to L.A. in the first place.

It's the best made-for-TV relationship since The Bachelor.

We really hope Burch managed to track him down and that their whirlwind romance culminates with a return to where they met for a beautiful sunset wedding.

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