It's a nightmare for anyone who owns a nice couch: how do you remove a glaring stain? Well, wonder no more.

There are many methods -- some legit, some a little out there -- so here's another one you can try. All you need is a cocktail of bi-carb soda, apple cider vinegar and rock salt, which you spray onto a microfiber cloth.

Then, there's the real twist, which will ultimately make that stain a thing of the past. We're not going to say what it is, but we will say you will need a match and a fire hydrant to keep things from really getting out of control.

The video's description says, "This technique works on all kinds of sofas - Leather, Fabric, Microfibre, etc. It will also successfully remove ALL kinds of stains in seconds! Wine, Blood, Juice, Oil, Coffee, Pets, etc." After seeing it, we agree that, yes, it will remove all kinds of stains, even if it may remove your couch altogether, as well.

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